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Our highly trained staff will consult with you during every stage of your pet's treatment.


All of our services start with a consultation. We will check your dog's coat and ask you questions to establish your dog's individual needs. We will then suggest services and style of clip that we think will work best for you, your dog and your lifestyle.


Feel free to pop in and watch a grooming session in progress. It's the best way for us to show you how carefully we would look after your dog's grooming needs.


Our full clip package begins with a style of clip consultation followed by a warm, relaxing hand bath and full fluff blow dry. Next we give the coat an invigorating brush and de-matt then clip and scissor the coat to the agreed style and length. Long nails are trimmed and ears cleaned. The final touch is a spray of canine cologne. Bows are optional.


We offer a tidy up package of trimming around the face, feet and groin areas but not trimming any hair from the body. This includes a warm and relaxing hand wash, full fluff blow dry, invigorating coat brush, nail trim and ear clean. This is a popular option throughout the cooler winter months.


After a warm and refreshing hand wash we offer the option of a thorough towel dry or a full fluff blow dry. Both of these services include an invigorating brush of the coat and a flea rinse if required.


If the sensitive issue of glands arises, we can deal with this too. This service is complimentary with our clipping and bathing packages.


If your dog's nails are too long, we can trim them. You don't even need to make an appointment for this service.


We know it's a dirty word but sometimes it jumps up. Rest assured that if we see any signs of the litter critters we treat the problem during the bathing session. This service is complimentary with our clipping and bathing packages.


There are a number of factors that affect the prices of our services. They include the size and breed of dog, the style of clip, the condition of the coat and your dog's behaviour. Some clients need a bit more time than others and the prices will vary accordingly. We can give you an idea of the cost on the phone or email, however accurate quotes can only be given in person.


Nail Clip - $10

Bath and Towel Dry from $25

Bath and Full Fluff Dry from $35

Tidy Up from $60

Full Clip from $75

Breed Specific Clips from $80